Embracing Change from the inside out
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"Anger is a secondary emotion without a specific manner of expression. It is an indicator that something needs to be addressed—usually the primary emotion."

How has anger affected you personally?
  • What personal problems has it caused you?
  • What relationship problems has it caused you?
  • What financial problems has it caused you?
  • What legal problems has it caused you?
  • How has your anger affected your family and others who are important to you?
  • What can you do now to minimize and resolve the negative consequences of anger?
  • How can you change to keep anger from controlling your life?

In this class, you will learn how your beliefs and assumptions affect your thought process and your responses to life's challenges.

You will learn how to have an internal locus of control and choose appropriate responses. You will learn how to change your thought process to avoid unmanageable emotions that lead to anger. You will learn to recognize "Red Flags" that indicate that you need to take a "Time Out" and how to use the "Time Out" to calm down and to resolve the situation peacefully. You will learn what stress is and how to calm your body and your mind. You will learn to recognize the message of your primary feelings and address them before they turn to anger. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries and get your needs met without infringing on other people getting their needs met. You will learn what conflict is and how to reach a win-win by valuing differences.

The class includes an intake/assessment, group education and processing and a follow up interview upon completion. It meets or exceeds most court requirements. This class is also appropriate and helpful for those who just want to make their lives better. It does not meet the requirements for a domestic violence program.

Additional classes and workshops on anger and stress management may be offered in the Life Skills programs.

H. C. (Joe) Raymond "Embracing Change From The Inside Out"
Certified Counselor—Life Skills
Hew Horizons Counseling

(360) 731-8267 or (360) 779-9288

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