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divider Domestic Violence
New Horizons Counseling is a State Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Agency. Our primary purpose is to stop violence and promote the safety and happiness of family members.

Domestic Violence is abusive behavior that is either physical, sexual, psychological, or some combination of any of these. Although usually directed toward one person, abusive behavior hurts everyone in the family. Over time, without proper counseling and intervention, abusive behavior will increase in frequency and severity until later incidents of violence will often invoke weapons and end in tragedy.

Abusive behavior is learned. Even when not physically abused themselves, children who observe family violence can grow up believing that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems. Then, when they are grown, they may show a tendency to repeat or accept the violence they have observed, thus becoming our next generation of victims

Program Objectives
  • To stop emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse by a family member.
  • To learn dynamics of anger and domestic violence, including patterns and cycles and make appropriate behavioral changes.
  • To become accountable for one's behavior and stop blaming the victim.
  • To learn how current behavior is influenced by past experiences, and your belief system.
  • To develop better communication skills and elevate self-esteem..
  • To learn stress management techniques, including problem-solving and methods of relaxation.

Program Components and Information
The family violence intervention program is offered in two phases for a commitment of one year

Phase I
Domestic Violence Education, minimum of 26 weekly group therapy sessions.

Phase II
6 Monthly Group Therapy Sessions

Intake appointment is required, including drug and alcohol screening. Monthly progress reports forwarded to court or other designated person. All services provided by qualified therapists. Completion certificate forwarded to court.

Domestic Violence Curriculum
Topics Include:
Definitions of abuse, battering and domestic violence
  • Belief systems that allow and support violence against women
  • Belief systems that allow and/or support the use or threat of violence to establish power and control over an intimate partner
Forms of abuse including
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • Economic manipulation or domination
  • Physical force against property or pets
  • Stalking
  • Terrorizing someone or threatening him or her
  • Acts that put the safety of pattered partners, children, pets, other family members or friends at risk
The impact of abuse and battering on children and the incompatibility of domestic violence and abuse with responsible parenting.

The fact that the participant is solely responsible for the participant's violent behavior, and must acknowledge this fact:
  • The need to avoid blaming a victim for the participant's abusive behavior
  • Techniques to be non-abusive and non-controlling
  • Negative legal and social consequences for someone who commits domestic violence
  • Why it is necessary to meet financial and legal obligations to family members
Opportunities for participant to develop a responsibility plan
  • The treatment program may assist the participant in developing the plan
  • In the plan, the participant must make a commitment to giving up power and control over the victim.
Education regarding individual cultural and family dynamics of domestic violence and Washington state laws and practices regarding domestic violence, as described in chapters 10.31, 10.99, and 26.50 RCW

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