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"Children act on what they see, hear and feel—experience. When we deny a child's emotions, the child learns that violence or other inappropriate behaviors are normal or they may become afraid to talk about it. They feel confused and often blame themselves for what has happened. The child learns to deny his or her emotions and does not talk about his or her feelings. Sometimes they perceive that they are crazy or flawed in some way and they feel lonely and isolated. They learn that it is not okay to ask or talk about violence and they form unrealistic beliefs about its causes."

New Horizons Counseling offers a course in domestic violence parenting. If you are charged with domestic violence, this class supplements but does not replace your treatment. The purpose of the course is to understand violence and its effects on children and families.

This course is a minimum of 24 hours of class. It also includes a consultation at the beginning and end of the program. This class meets or exceeds the requirements of most courts.

In this class,
You will learn how to break the cycle of violence and engage in growth producing behaviors

You will learn to use the time out to manage your own stress and to respond to your child's behavior in a way that nurtures your relationship with your child.

You will learn how to create a safe home environment for your children.

You will learn how to understand your child's feelings and to validate your child by listening to understand.

You will learn how to talk to your children about violence and answer their concerns.

You will learn different parenting styles and how each style produces a given outcome.

You will learn how to resolve differences and problems respectfully with your child and your partner.

You will learn how to address your own feelings, concerns and issues.

You will learn how to build self-esteem for your child and for yourself.

Additional classes and workshops on parenting and building family relationships may be offered in the Life Skills programs.

For more information contact:
H. C. (Joe) Raymond "Embracing Change From The Inside Out"
Certified Counselor—Life Skills
Hew Horizons Counseling

(360) 731-8267 or (360) 779-9288

"Before children can effectively learn the laws of life, they need to experience the laws of love. As we provide them with healthy structure, they learn the laws of life. As we provide them with healthy nurturing, they experience the laws of love."

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