Embracing Change from the inside out
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Life Coaching Helps Direct You To A Better Life

H.C. (Joe) Raymond is a Life Coach for New Horizons Counseling, and is leading the effort in developing a series of life skills lessons for individuals, families, and organizations. The purpose of these life skills lessons are to help people realize and obtain their dreams and goals. A Life Coach will teach communication, conflict resolution, leadership and management skills. If you have suffered from substance abuse or violence, these lessens will help prevent you from falling back into that dangerous lifestyle. One of the many great benefits of having a wonderful Life Coach like Joe, is that you will learn about self-care and stress management, which will make every day more enjoyable.

The Purpose of a Life Coach

The purpose of having a Life Coach is to learn the skills to avoid destructive behaviors, before you get caught up in the dynamics of life. With these essential life skills, you will be more equipped to have better relationships with your family and friends, higher job stability, and overall a more positive outlook in life. The key is to make choices that bring positive results to your life.

Three important questions to ask yourself:
  1. What do I do well?
  2. How can I prove that skill?
  3. What in life prevents me from reaching my goals, and how do I overcome it?
When we choose to act, rather than be acted upon, the power of “choice” will increase. With this power, you will feel more in control of your life, and your environment.

Life Skills Counseling is based on individual needs, and may be done in an individual, family or group setting. Joe is also available to speak or do training in your organization. He is also available for community trainings.

For more information contact:
H. C. (Joe) Raymond "Embracing Change From The Inside Out"
Certified Counselor—Life Skills
Hew Horizons Counseling

(360) 731-8267 or (360) 779-9288

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